Nextcloud: Round 3 (or 4 or 5)

I’ve once again started the process of installing and setting up Nextcloud on one of my servers. It occurs to me that my Nextcloud instances always die a slow death. Something about that piece of software, I think, sort of just falls apart over time. This time I’m attempting to future proof it a little bit more than the previous times, but honestly I fully expect it to go about the same as usual. Then again, historically I have installed all kinds of plugins (or apps) and was running it on fairly low powered hardware. Setting it up on some decently powerful hardware on this go around though. I’ll also try to be more conservative with the app installs as well.

I might actually set up two separate instances and federate them together. Perhaps if I maintain multiple servers they’ll survive a bit longer? Or I’ll just be creating twice the amount of tinkering and maintenance for myself.

#SelfHosting #Nextcloud #Admin