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I’ve once again started the process of installing and setting up Nextcloud on one of my servers. It occurs to me that my Nextcloud instances always die a slow death. Something about that piece of software, I think, sort of just falls apart over time. This time I’m attempting to future proof it a little bit more than the previous times, but honestly I fully expect it to go about the same as usual. Then again, historically I have installed all kinds of plugins (or apps) and was running it on fairly low powered hardware. Setting it up on some decently powerful hardware on this go around though. I’ll also try to be more conservative with the app installs as well.

I might actually set up two separate instances and federate them together. Perhaps if I maintain multiple servers they’ll survive a bit longer? Or I’ll just be creating twice the amount of tinkering and maintenance for myself.

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I have this huge library of games and I find myself very much wanting to play some of them, but every time I sit down to try to pick one I end up downloading this and that... and finally give up without actually playing a damn thing. It just like the issue I have with streaming video services. I spend an hour or two trying to decide and then I am too worn out by it all to even bother watching anything. I need to sort that out!

I’m a pretty big fan of The Dresden Files series of novels and a good friend of mine gave me a signed edition of the first book recently for my birthday / Christmas gift. I have never had a signed book of any kind and I love it! a signed edition of Storm Front, the first novel in The Dresden Files series

We just recently finished watching the entirety of Star Trek: Voyager and it was so much better than I remembered it being. I think the reason why I was thinking it was the weakest of Treks was simply my age at the time it started airing, that and my various life events going on in 1998 (it was a very rough year for me and my family and I was 17). I had remembered it as being really weird and off-the-wall (which in some cases, it is. Threshold...), but it was nowhere near as wacky as I had thought it was. It was even clever and relavant to our modern times in a lot of ways.

Even “Threshold” was a fairly decent episode! Actually I really enjoyed it and found it to be a fun one indeed. The only real goofiness to it was the whole turned-into-lizards thing, but it was sort of an uncertainty principle thing, so fuck it, might as well be lizards, right?

Next up? The Next Generation. That is gonna be a much tougher one to watch, I think. I know the first couple of seasons have some seriously crumby episodes.

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I think I want to get into podcasting again and either do some sort of short form fiction or perhaps a short music review type show. If the latter, I was thinking maybe a single song per episode with a couple of minutes of discussion about the song itself. Not necessarily critique though, maybe a little looser than that, I think I’d keep it more positive and highlight the things I like. Although I have to admit, doing that type of show would be a little out of character for me since I’ve always been uncomfortable playing music for people.

For the past two weeks I have had more “paperwork” to get done than any one person should ever have to do and it is absolutely burning me out. The problem is that all of these administrative tasks I’m in the process of dealing with are all on screens, big screens, little screens, and oh god, my eyes scream. This is quite unfortunate because I can only handle so many hours a day peering at these brightly backlit eye burners due to my issue with migraines, but I’m computer nerd and I have other things that I want to be doing on screens, but I just don’t have the time nor brain cycles to do them. I mean even writing this blog entry has been an exercise of endurance! I think the end is almost in sight, I hope it is at least.

That’s funny, the first actual blog I write in many years is one complaining of not having enough time or energy to write a post after having set up a new server instance to write blog posts. I’m recursively stressing myself out.

Almost Finished

I suppose I should perform the obligatory “Hello World” shouldn't I? Well then, hello world! I intend to write a nice inaugural entry after I get some much needed sleep (which is to say after I watch some Star Trek: Voyager – we are in season 4 now).